Friday, May 15, 2015

Personal Presentation Pays Off!

As a regular at professional networking groups I am still amazed at the wide range of "personal appearance codes" that show up.  I confess to being of the old school.  And that means I am regularly shocked at what fellow entrepreneurs look like when making their presentations.

You can pay consultants a great deal of money to learn that one's appearance is a highly integral part of one's brand, and that someone sizes you up in seconds.  Nevertheless, too many people do not get the message.  This week at one group alone I beheld the following specimens, all arguing for me (and others) to connect them with customers:

(1) An older gentleman professing to have a background in banking, now in the food service, wearing soiled shirt (untucked), baggy shorts, and sneakers.
(2) A young lady in the real estate business, dressing like a bad parody of one of the Kardashians in her middle school years.
(3) A youngish man in torn jeans, a questionable tee shirt, and equally questionable piercings who runs a school of some kind.

Sorry, folks.  I was unimpressed,  and even alarmed.  I had much higher respect for those who looked like they had respect for the process, wanted to be seen as professionals, and who were trying for heaven's sake.

Lesson for the day: we can all do better at sizing ourselves up and ensuring that our own appearance is aligned with the image we wish to convey to our prospects.  A little effort can make a difference in projecting the best possible brand.

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