Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Collaboration Packages Can Strengthen A Brand

For many small businesses, getting noticed and appreciated might just take a little extra.  Not effort, per se, but power.  One way to get that extra boost is to collaborate with an allied business and market the joint offering together.

We have learned in the consumer world that bundles can be extremely attractive.  One form is bundling two or more services into one convenient package and bargain price.  The other is to bundle across business lines.  For example, a yoga studio might collaborate with a health food store to coupon a "wellness" package that includes a class and a special price on organic produce items.  A marketing consultant might team up with an executive coach for a market plan review-and- leadership training combination.  The possibilities are limitless.

The benefits are many.  One business can attract the attention of customer of the ally, and can leverage off the brand strengths of that ally.  Attractive joint pricing may be a perfect entry point for a client or consumer willing to try at a discount rate.  And combined marketing resources can go farther when promoting and advertising.  And, one's own brand is amplified by association with a logical partner, emphasizing the product or service strengths.

Bottom Line: can you team up with a trusted or respected ally to join forces for a special marketing offer?  What can you offer an ally to help them grow their business---and gain a friend who will helo your own?

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