Monday, December 7, 2015

The Upset Customer Opportunity

A discussion last week about engagement with upset customers and prospects via their negative reviews and posts prompts a follow up.  These sorts of reviews and posts can be a net positive and an opportunity for a business.  Here's how:

There are two types of disaffected customers.  One type doesn't complain, at least not in any way upon which can be followed.  They may complain in a person to person conversation.  The end result: no chance whatever to recover the customer and bad press beyond that.

The other type does complain.  They can be engaged by the means used to complain.  And the customer can not only be recovered, in most cases, but they may be impressed enough to share the positive recovery experience with others.  It's often the case that the most loyal customers are those for whom something went wrong.

And in the social media space, businesses that promptly and politely rectify situations are those that can gain a strong brand boost in a wider audience.

Bottom line: adversity can be a route to strength!  But one must first positively and promptly engage that unhappy customer!

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