Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Exhibition Signage Always Demands Thought

Over the weekend I was part of a nonprofit and small business exposition in our metropolitan area.  This event, as they usually do, offered insights on some promotional trends and techniques.  This time, I was especially interested in signage.

Stand-up (vertical) banners have become very popular with exhibitors.  They are colorful, sturdy and don't depend on walls and cords.  They do occupy some floor space which is often allocated sparingly by expo planning committees.  What was striking to me was how many of these there were and how they no longer allow someone to stand out...the bulk of the herd uses them, too!

A few exhibitors used older-style banners designed to be suspended in some way.  As always, there is almost never a way to suspend them!  Some tried using them to front tables (where they disappeared behind legs) or on walls.  Of the rest there was a mix of signs on table stands, signs-in-the-form-of computer screens, or nothing at all.

I was drawn most to the table stand signs and those others that were colorful but clear (abstract shapes, hard-to-read logos and text, and random colors all failed with me).

It is clear that the mission to stand out in the crowd is both eternal and challenging.  At any given point in time the successes can change from the time before.  That means only that we need to be vigilant and observant--watching how it is done successfully now and think ahead to what may be more successful next time.

The Bottom Line: Exhibition signage can't be dusted off each time with the same expectation of success.  Can something be rethought that will help you stand out?  And remember to stay faithful to your brand--always use signage that reinforces the brand in all of its forms.  Good luck at your next expo outing!

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