Monday, May 9, 2016

Does Personal Presentation Make a Difference?

It is, I think, widely accepted that a confident presentation counts for a great deal towards impressing potential customers and clients.  Of course, we all "know" we should avoid bad habits, eat healthy foods, and be nice to one another.  And we know how well that works!

For those of us who regularly frequent networking groups and meetups, the difference between a strong, confident personal presentation and one that is not is noticeable.  And I know I deduct points for the latter.  I don't think that's entirely unfair.  I want to know that the person I am potentially going to work with has energy, confidence, and belief in what they do.  Presentations by business owners who mumble, ramble, and make no sense don't inspire confidence.  And that is an expensive reality for these people who may represent very good products and services.

There are resources for improvement.  One is to solicit the individual assistance of a professional coach.  I know several who have made a huge difference in their clients.  Another is the Toastmasters program that builds skills through group interaction and evaluation.  I chose that route some years ago and found it invaluable in supercharging my skills.  In fact, I often spot Toastmasters members and alumni before they identify themselves as such.

Bottom Line:  Is your good work overshadowed by personal presentation skills that don't work for you?  Don't let that be a commercial for a competitor!  Take advantage of presentation building resources in your community.  We can all improve!

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