Monday, June 6, 2016

Labels Seal the Deal

Over the weekend I came across an interesting phenomenon, twice, and both involving the power of labelling and disclosure.  While both involved baked good food sales, the mechanism is, I think, applicable to any business.

In one case, an item on a bake sale table quickly sold out, not because it looked great (less successful items were as tasty looking) but because the baker affixed a clear label stating what the product was, giving the buyer a good idea about what the thing tasted like and what was baked inside.  In another case, I overheard a parent declining to buy a baked good because she couldn't tell what might have peanuts inside.

This led me to think about other products and services and how well they are "labeled".  For example, does a service describe all included items, process and other details?  Does a product label fully itemize whether something of concern is included (be it toxic ingredients, or batteries, etc.)  I know that I scrutinize packages for details and data.  I try to fully understand what is involved in enrolling in a service.  I assume others do as well!

Bottom Line: are we respecting our customers enough with the best labeling we can provide?  Are our services and products explained to reassure a client or customer?  The result may be a sale we might have otherwise lost!

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