Friday, May 12, 2017

Stay Focused

One of the marketing behaviors that strikes me as counter-productive is what I call "double messaging".  It is common among business owners who are trying to market multiple products or services, but it also shows up among entrepreneurs who pitch different businesses at the same time.  I have heard a 30 second "commercial" that included material on three separate businesses!

Why is this counter-productive?  Listeners---potential customers---are only going to give us so much time to gain their attention.  A single message must be highly focused to have a chance of gaining this acceptance.  If we muddle the message with too many threads of thought we run a huge risk of the potential customer switching off.

It will be necessary to prioritize.  Pick a message and focus strictly on that one business, product or service.  Be crystal clear what are its benefits to the prospect.  Be crystal clear on how the prospect can obtain the product or service.

The result is a laser focused message that can be readily absorbed by a potential customer in that narrow time window they allow us.

Bottom Line: Be careful to tidy up your advertising and promotional messages to prospects.  Are they trying to do too much at one time?  Is there a potential for confusion?  Stay focused!

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