Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Video Marketing Uh Ohs

Video is coming of its own as a marketing channel.  It's fresh, it's real, it's inexpensive.  Many small businesses are projecting a wonderful image using this technology that not long ago was beyond the reach of all but the biggest players.

But video can be a headache, especially when easily avoided pitfalls arise.  I have seen plenty of videos from small marketeers and there are some small matters to avoid.  Here are a few.

1) Watch your audio.  Cell phone and camcorder cameras usually yield a low quality audio or one that sounds hollow and cheap.  A wireless microphone can make a world of difference.

2) Frame the picture.  Don't find yourself hiding in the bottom third of the screen.  Try a test video to fine tune the actual framing.

3) Beware reversed letterings.  Many home made videographers find that signs, labels and other items with words on them get reversed and that doesn't look good!  Remove obvious distractions or print them reversed so they come out right.

4) Finally, watch those verbal tics.  Be careful of "ums", "and uhs" and other tics that distract from the message.

Bottom Line: Video can be an impressive tool for small business marketing success.  Be sure yours is as outstanding as possible by tending to the little details!

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