Friday, March 9, 2018

A Retreat From Social Media

Remember the 1990s when "" startups were such a rage? And then the bubble burst?  I'm beginning to think something similar is taking place in social media marketing.

For the last several years I have observed with great interest enormous emphasis placed on social media marketing.  Everyone talks about it, but I don't see the great results.  In fact, quite a few of my small business peers are complaining that social media isn't much of a force for them.

The reasons are legion.  Rules are unpredictably changing, costs are always higher than expected, and "clicks", likes, and especially purchases are not anywhere near aspirations.  Add to that a highly fragmented marketplace and you have yourself a very unsatisfying "solution."

I think there will be a steady retreat from social media marketing to something more reasonable.  I think there is a place for this channel but it will be down the list a bit when all is said and done.  To echo the 1990s, a bubble is bursting and the casual adherents will find something new to try.

Bottom Line:  Marketing will in all probability be less successful than ever on social media.  It's time to think carefully about the channels you need to use to be most successful.  As always these will be aligned with your target customer.  Don't rule out more traditional channels if they are the gateway to your best prospects.  And as always, be leery of fads!

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