Thursday, April 5, 2018

(Re)freshing Thoughts

I've just spotted the most delightful advertisement on the side of a tractor-trailer.  The name of the advertiser isn't important, but the message was wonderful.  It read "the freshest thought in fresh mushrooms." 

Step back a moment and consider this.  There's almost nothing intrinsically exciting about mushrooms (to non-foodies, at least).  Getting a consumer excited about them is going to be a challenge. 

Yet here is an advertiser who grabbed the bull by the horns and embraced the challenge.  They didn't hesitate to call attention to the humdrum commodity product and add a new layer of depth without going over the wall.  By this I mean they didn't use hyperbole (e.g. "the best mushrooms ever", or "our mushrooms are the freshest).  Instead they suggested that they're doing some serious thinking about delivering the freshest possible mushrooms.  Heck, one thinks, if they are so dedicated to mushrooms their entire produce line must be wonderful!  In all, a deft touch. 

Bottom Line:  Sometimes the route to a good message is through the humblest offerings.  A marketer must not disparage or fear humble fare, and by embracing it with gusto and plausible language can gain the attention of a prospect. 

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