Thursday, August 13, 2015

Going Old School Can Make All the Difference

A little earlier today I heard a mentor and small business superstar discuss marketing philosophy on an Internet radio program.  One of her themes was that too many small business owners are swept up in new trends (social media, most definitely) and overlook the power of old school marketing techniques.

These techniques are powerful in two ways.  First, old school methods may be the best way to reach the business' target market.  It may be that a target segment can best be reached by door-to-door, or flyers at a street festival, or windshield flyers, or any of hundreds of techniques.  What the small business person should do is visualize the target market, narrow it to the low hanging fruit, and then ask what methods are most likely to create a point of contact.  It may be a fancy new trend is a terrible way of doing that!

Also, old school methods may be the best way to stand out in the crowd!  My mentor cited an example of direct mail.  Who does that any more?  Well, exactly.  The email box is full, but hardly any mail is out there in the US Post box.  It may be that an old school technique can be used to give your message extra heft in the midst of heavy competition.

Bottom line: don't rule out any of the old ways of doing things.  They may be ideal for your own circumstances, and you may be the only one to capitalize on their use!

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