Friday, August 28, 2015

Is Social Media Necessary?

A conversation I had Thursday has even more deeply intrigued me.  The other person asked me, in essence, whether he needs social media in his marketing plan.  He's flush with business, has excellent word of mouth and repeat business, and is a successful networker.  He was being pressured by "advisers" to get with the 21st Century and create social media properties.  He does want some presence on the internet that talks to his philosophy and ideas.

After listening to his story and needs, I recommended no social media but that he consider a blog.

The bigger question is: does everyone need a social media page of some kind?  After thinking about the matter, I say no.  But I think most should.

First, think about the target customer.  If they wouldn't naturally seek out a business in social media, the need is minimal.  Think about local businesses you'd be surprised to see on LinkedIn or Facebook:  For me, entities like convenience stores, banks, and self-store complexes just don't resonate as "likes".

Second, if the business owner cannot or will not engage with followers frequently or enthusiastically, social media might even backfire.  Social media depends mightily on constant engagement.

Third, if the business' existing market plan is performing well, there may be little or no need to make an adjustment to add social media.

Bottom line: not every channel is necessary for every business.  The decision must be made on the basis of the marketing fundamentals, not the herd instinct.

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