Friday, January 8, 2016

Lessons From "Frozen"

It's a cold and dreary January day, and I enjoy finding marketing lessons even on such, and one that occurs to me is the phenomena ("film" seems so limiting) called "Frozen".  What can we learn?

One thing that stands out is the total focus on the target customer.  Disney knows that "princess" movies sell very well.  "Brave" comes to mind.  That pint-sized princess customer demands doe-eyed heroines, cute talking animals, hunky prince-types, and memorable music that parents are sure to learn to the last word (as innocent bystanders, e.g. "Let It Go").

Furthermore, the studio certainly grasps the boundless possibilities of crossover marketing and does well by sticking to the time-honored "princess" formula.  They know there is a huge market seeking to use the film's characters on everything from cereal boxes to sleepwear.  I don't approve of these licensing arrangements with respect to those seeking to exploit the film characters, but I can't blame Disney for priming the pump.

Bottom Line:  a business is always wise to focus like a laser on the target customer and respect their wants and needs.  It also makes a world of sense to avoid changes to successful product and service lines, especially if they lead to productive and lucrative partnerships.

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