Monday, January 4, 2016

Watch Your Social Media (Re-)Posts!

Social media is all the rage, especially for professionals such platforms as LinkedIn and Facebook.  Many small businesses I know have a page for their business on at least one of these two sites.  Some are even doing a very good job using that page to amplify their brand equity.

And some are doing less well.

A practice with which I am increasingly concerned is the "re-post" of content generated by someone else.  In LinkedIn I am seeing increases in both reposts of expert comment, and, what is more troublesome, "memes".  It seems like the walls I view are ever thicker with these dreadful memes that are intended to be motivational in some way but which merely pollute the page.  I don't imagine I am alone is saying I have "unfollowed" some pages simply because the memes and reposts have become unbearable.  Imagine what customers may think!

Customers want to see your original content much more often than anything else.  Your brand, your products and services, and your business are defined by what you say and think.  Muddying water with anything else can do harm to your brand at the end of the day.

Bottom Line:  is what you are posting truly yours?  are you strengthening your brand through your own ideas or hanging on to those of others?

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