Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Marvelous Application of Video Marketing

A recent conversation with a business owner yielded a perfect application of video to enhance marketing efforts.

The business owner in question performs very specific home renovation services.  This is a field in which word of mouth and referrals are critical.  But these are time consuming and can only go so far.  However, there is a way for him to demonstrate the quality of his work and his business ethics, and that is photography and videography.  A set of brief videos can showcase work the business owner is doing, how he approaches and solves problems, and best of all, his warm personality.  Combined with a list of referrals and endorsements, a curious prospect can visit the business owner's web site and see exactly what they can contract for.

Video has wider application as well.  It is a fantastic way to provide value-added by sharing pieces of information, answering frequently asked questions, or explaining particular products and services.  And for even the most bashful business owner video can warm up their presentation.

One concern:  While videos are extremely easy to create today, consider contracting with a professional rather than upload shaky or otherwise inferior videos.

Bottom Line: look at videos to amplify marketing that can do so much on a 24/7 basis and which greatly benefits the customer and prospect.

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