Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Plea to End "Memorable" Advertising

Today I must vent.  Be patient, gentle reader, but in so doing please consider your advertising messages.

I don't know how many times a day I am exposed to advertising that pushes the envelope in terms of bad taste, hyperbole, creepiness, silliness, and much more.  A recent example is a misbegotten TV campaign promoting an "extra crispy" personality who would seem to belong on any number of neighborhood watch lists.  In my early days in this business I learned that these gimmicks were intended to make ads "memorable."

Well, maybe.

The real danger of memorability advertising is that it risks offending and alienating customers.  Your message may be entirely memorable but the customer will associate you with poor taste, poor judgment, and other vices.  Or just as bad, switch off your ad and move along.

You work so hard on your business and the quality of your offerings.  Why throw that away with nonsense in hopes of getting noticed more quickly?  The tried and true is to message consistently, emphasizing strengths, and being honest.  A little humor never hurts, either.

Bottom Line:  Are your ads sending a message that actually demeans you?  Take a good hard look at the awful stuff out there and learn from it what not to do!

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