Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Amazing Boost From Testimonials

More than a few of the business web sites I see in this area prominently display testimonials, and they are far from foolish.  There's no better salesperson for a business than a happy customer.  Testimonials and endorsements can accomplish several important things for the business.

1. Touting advantages and differentiation with another voice.  A testimonial can share thoughts about products or services, and how they differ from competitors', in words that speak to other customers.  Sometimes even in ways that the business owner didn't think up.  Moreover, the customer is better able to connect with the needs of other, potential customers.

2. Testimonials can give a great sense of engagement with the business.  Customers can give broad clues about their emotional connection with the business.  Someone who enjoys a relationship with the business owner will unquestionably expose that enthusiasm.

3. A prospect can gain valuable insights into the "fit" with the business through testimonials.  That is, if I am like a testifying customer in some important way I may be more likely to try that business' services myself.  As they say, "birds of a feather...".

Bottom Line: Don't just wait for testimonials: ask for them.  Happy customers will be delighted to help you with testimonials that can boost the business.  And display them prominently on your web site and social media properties!

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