Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Helpful Mindset

There are two kinds of advertising.  Ones that show a clear desire to help a customer or client, and those that don't.

Those latter ads aren't necessarily against help, but they emphasize the services offered, or how long a company has been in business, or price points and deals, and so on.  They really do not say as clearly as can be that the business helps solves someone else's problems or serves their needs.  I think that is an important distinction and I also think the potential customer notices.

By way of example, I have viewed with mounting frustration an ad campaign by a large company that is entirely self-congratulatory, pushes products that in my opinion serve imaginary needs, and talks starting prices.  All the poor customer wants is a service that works and which can be fixed quickly and professionally.  That latter bit never seems to show up in the campaign.

I notice this at well among small business owners.  Many mention the "what they do" but not quite "how I help you".

Bottom Line: Approach marketing with a "helpful" mindset.  How is the message directed to what can help the customer, or how?  What can be added to intensify that understanding?  When we show that we are listening and can solve problems, we become a great deal more attractive to the buyer!

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