Friday, December 1, 2017

The Facebook Live Wave

The Facebook Live video tool is becoming more popular within my networking circles, replacing (if relevant) traditional prepared-in-advance "studio" videos.  It's certainly a fine utility to add to a small business owner's toolkit, one that does well in projecting energy and "hot" ideas and which establishes a connection with the customer.  As with all things, a little thought is in order before use.

First, select a setting that makes sense for you and your brand.  Avoid noisy places, settings with too much or too little light, and anywhere with any odd or distracting elements.  A neutral background makes most sense.  I've seen some done from the driver's seat of a car---something that strikes me as reminiscent of reality TV shows and therefore a little off---but as long as that fits your normal style it should be fine.

Second, keep in mind that if you are going to use or display any text whatsoever that it will be reversed or flipped in the video (an artifact of the camera).  Some folks I know deliberately print signage in reverse to overcome this.  You may also want to select a background without any business or street signs that can be distracting.

Third, consider doing a dry run before recording.  Too many of these videos come across as scatterbrained and/or loaded with "ums" and "ahs" as the speaker strains for a thought.  A Live video ought to be short, so that rehearsing is not a burden. 

Finally, please do have a thought!   Sharing an idea or promoting an event is what a Live video ought to be all about as opposed to broadcasting "just because."  The viewer will appreciate the judicious request your time.

Bottom Line:  Don't shy away from Facebook Live.  It can be a wonderful tool for a business.  But at the same time be careful in how it is used and spend a little time with the details to optimize the experience.

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