Thursday, December 14, 2017

Taken For Granted

My neighborhood was recently added to the network of a telecommunications provider (the third available to us), providing a story of what not to do in a rapidly expanding competitive environment. 

It has been widely expected that Provider III would be entering this market, and that the company would have a good chance to enroll customers simply because Providers I and II had developed some adverse images.  This is a moment when a sharp incumbent provider would take steps to minimize that opportunity.  For example, the threatened Providers could have undertaken some appreciative outreach to their existing customers, renewal price deals, whatever.  Even a simple Thank You letter could have been issued.  As it stands, I get the message that my Provider takes me for granted.

Amazingly, neither Provider has done much of anything.  My own current Provider is grotesquely silent.  The other put up a couple of pathetic tiny "we offer fiber" signs in the neighborhood.  Can they be so confident that Provider III is no threat?

I don't think complacency is a good idea at all.  Customers want to think they're valued and appreciated.  If their vendor does no more than send bills even when a new suitor---especially one with a better reputation---knocks on the door.  Appreciative outreach won't save every account but it might reduce potential losses.

Bottom Line:  Do you take customers or clients for granted?  Do you show appreciation for their choice of you as a vendor?  Don't make it easy for a competitor to poach your hard-won accounts!

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