Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Personal Equation

A recent conversation with a client reminded me that the very best marketing is often one that brings the person to the front.  This client bemoaned the struggle to gain traction using some of the most impersonal marketing that could be used.  This is unfortunately quite common.

Especially for a new business a connection with prospective customers must be made.  Channels like print advertising, email marketing and flyers are so prevalent that prospects won't perceive merits in the new business.  Often the business owner has such presence and charm that their personalities can make a huge difference and channels that recognize that will be vastly more effective.

In such cases, adding messaging that's conveyed in person (e.g. trade shows, sidewalk sales), video or even audio will create an important advantage.  Video, especially, can be added to web sites, shared in emails and social media, and (via QRC) on any print message.

Bottom Line:  Put your personality to work in your marketing!  Look for opportunities to share personal messages through a visual or auditory media and help clients better understand you and what you have to offer.  Don't let your work and presence get lost in the blizzard of impersonal messages.

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