Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Content Marketing Can Boost Sales

The Internet Age has changed so much in small business, and perhaps none so much as the impact of content marketing.  In the old days what passed for content marketing might be the odd newsletter, feature article in the newspaper, or "infomercial" but now we contend with potential customers thirsty for reviews, blogs and web site text.

Statistics suggest that consumers are vastly more motivated to buy when they can find this online material than they are when served advertisements.  They may, as research shows, respond subconsciously to ads, but they actively and aggressively look for content.  Businesses that short shrift content are asking for trouble.

So what to do?  Most importantly, put your web site to work.  Add content and update regularly about your products, services, and solutions.  Provide detail on how you solve customer problems.  Consider using one or more social media properties as a means of fueling top of mind awareness and reminding customers what you can do for them.  Write a blog that speaks to your expertise.

Also, respond politely to complaints on review sites.  Offer to make good, apologize, and ask for a second chance.  Don't let sores fester!

In very little time you can create a large body of material that responds to prospect needs.  You have a great story to tell!  Take advantage of the opportunity to spread the word!

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