Monday, March 30, 2015

Cut the Social Media Clutter!

There is a good deal of conversation going on concerned with the degree to which small businesses ought to be using social media.  The short answer, one that almost everyone agrees, is "YES": small business should employ this tool.  The economy is ever-changing and our reliance on the Internet and its bevy of tools dictates that we try and keep up with the consumer.  

There are so many tools!  Cases are made for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Living Social, Google+, and many others.  May I suggest some guidelines?

We don't have unlimited time.  It isn't realistic to engage in many tools.  One will lose effectiveness and gain little ground.  I would restrict activity to two or three social media platforms, period.  A good job with even one is better than a poorly maintained set of five.

Then it gets harder.  Where to focus?  The various tools serve differing markets and the "right" tool may vary for the business.  Talking with others who are in the same trade can help weed out those that don't fit.  I would pick either Facebook (better for Business-to-consumer) or LinkedIn (better for business-to-business) for certain just given their enormous enrollments.  Beyond that it is a question of what one sells and who is the target customer.

There is clarity.  Take careful stock and don't necessarily follow the herd!

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