Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Endorsements are Tricky

Many businesses love endorsements.  It seems that the bigger they get the more they fall over each other signing on celebrity endorsements.  And it is a practice that goes back a long way.  I even see midsized and some small businesses advertising with celebrities of some sort (usually local sports stars).   Is this a wise or desirable move?

I don't really believe endorsements bring that much to the party.  There may be a temporary advertising buzz depending on circumstances but I remain unpersuaded from years in the business that an endorsement moves many people to a buy decision.  And as a discriminating consumer all the presence of a celebrity tells me is that a producer has enough extra cash on hand to write a contract that might have been better spent elsewhere.

There are endorsements that matter in building a business and those are from the unknown many.  Good reviews of your product or service, high ratings from web sites, and happy postings on social media.  These are the people who bought and had a good experience to share.  These are golden.

I would eschew acquiring a celebrity spokesperson (with exceptions.  Example: celebrity visits a restaurant, unbidden, and is willing to endorse the experience...something that shows a recognized name giving consumer credence) and instead create an environment that generates positive feedback.  Invite customers to share their experience on social media, or to write a testimonial for your web site, or to write a review on a ratings site like Yelp.  Happy consumers will respond if asked, and that buzz will convince others that you are worth their dollar.

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