Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Streetside Advertising Created Doubts

Not long ago I had the opportunity to volunteer at a location which was across the street from a small shopping strip.  None of the businesses in that building actually faced the street and therefore store signs were not readily visible.  Two of the business owners remedied this situation by setting up sandwich board ads on the sidewalk.  Good idea?

I swill skip past the problem that both were inherently unreadable by passing motorists (well, one had a readable logo at least).  I'll also gloss over the fact that these signboards in concert created a somewhat "littery" vista for that section of the street.  One sign came in the form of a professionally printed "poster" and the other was badly handwritten.  The later was for a restaurant.  And I am afraid that for me, the signboard did not inspire confidence in that restaurant.  My visceral reaction was that if they were that careless in a street ad, they were likely not attentive to quality in the kitchen, either.

The lesson is that even the little things can impact brand perception.  What seemed like a perfectly harmless sandwich board for a restaurant created doubts for at least one consumer.  And I am surely not alone.  How are we impacting our brand perception with our signage, advertising, and even personal appearance?  Don't let the little things damage your good work!

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