Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Long and Winding Road to Better SEO

Every so often I run across a company that claims it can achieve higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for its customers.  If only. (sigh) I am afraid the road to better SEO is a long and winding one, one that is neither easy nor quick.

I think that the strategy that gets the most attention is the most deceptive.  A broker buys a large number of "backlinks" to other web sites, many of which are built expressly for that purpose.  The result is what looks on paper like a rich network of connections to the client business.  But it is a network barely worth the paper it can be printed on.  The major search engines are aware of these techniques and crush them when they can.  And when they do, a network goes away in a puff of dust.  As did the money spent to get that "network."

Like all things worth having, better SEO is built honestly and slowly through true connections, a body of indexable text, and social media response.  A blog can help.  A true social media community of followers can help.  Listings on other (legitimate) web sites can help.  Alliances with other web site owners can help.  Starting today and every day a little more ground adds up to a solid SEO that does not disappear when a search engine changes their algorithms to nail the corner cutters.

You can do it!  Start mapping out your SEO strategy today!

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