Monday, June 15, 2015

Taking Care of the Fundamentals

One of my current challenges is to help a client focus their brand and build awareness of a new location.  In reviewing their social media and web traffic it is clear that the entity has what I call a community of interest but not quite what we would call an organizational clientele.  Put simply, they have friends, followers, allies, and what have you, but not nearly as many real paying customers.

Our mission will be to move the friends into the store and become customers.  Why is there a disconnect?  In this particular case, the entity hasn't done one of the fundamentals of business planning.  They haven't defined their target customer and as a result have not developed a strategy for reaching out to that customer.  Not all of their followers and allies are likely to be target customers, although they may work out well as investors, say.

So many marketing conundrums are the result of a fundamental that hasn't been addressed.  In turn, so much can be accomplished when we know who our customer is, where they can be found, and what are their needs.  Have you reviewed your own business plan?  it is never too late to take care of this before larger challenges result!

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