Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Good Plan Comes Together For a Small Business

This morning a small business owner completed some work on our home.  I watched the process with keen interest---his marketing and branding process, especially.  What he did demonstrated the potential of couponing and brand support through reviews.

We hadn't heard of the business before an offer came care of Amazon Local.  We liked the look of the company after referencing reviews and their web site, and I liked the personal response on phone when I called.  So for him, the coupon delivered another actual customer.

After the inspection, he did suggest an up-sell which was persuasive and proved very satisfactory.  So for him, the risk of a straight redemption of the coupon yielded a doubling of its income potential.

He delivered the work as promised, explained every item on the invoice, and placed a business card and safety sticker next to the equipment control panel.  This provides daily Top of Mind Awareness of his business in the event we require future servicing, or in case something goes wrong.

And finally, the business owner asked me if I was pleased with his work and if we would write a review on Yelp and Google, and handed me a card with simple instructions on how to do that.  I thought this an appropriate and clever way to help support his brand.

All in all, this business owner did an excellent job finding a new customer, demonstrating and supporting is brand, and building his business with simple techniques and attention to small details.  This was a wonderful lesson for other small service businesses!

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