Friday, July 1, 2016

One Size Does Not Fit All

I have learned to expect, as if by clockwork, conversations with advertisers in which I am faulted for expressing skeptism that particular channels don't always work.  I am slowly(!) getting better at the necessary caveat " all cases".

Advertisers have an understandable passion for selling as much advertising space as possible but like their clients usually don't think about targeting.  That is, just as a seller does best by optimizing their marketing to a well defined target customer, the advertiser should also define a target client and work from that starting point.  It has to be in their best interests: consider that a seller who is talked into a poor-fit channel will almost certainly have a bad experience and then spread their discontent to their peer networks.  A happy client will likely do the opposite.

Still doubt me?  Should a pizza shop invest in a high end, glossy magazine?  Will a luxury jeweler do well on a hard rock radio station?  Such extreme instances expose the folly of a one-size fits all mindset.  NO, some sellers will not do well with a given advertising channel.

Advertisers ought to study their own demographics and the ROI for their various clients.  Sellers can do well looking at various channels and noticing who advertises where, and then asking the hard questions of advertisers about their reach within certain target segments.  A little homework up front can make an enormous difference.

Bottom Line: Reject the idea that every advertising channel works for your business.  There will be advertisers who are a good fit and deserve your business.  But do the research to find that perfect match!

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