Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Overcoming the Personal Equation

It's a given: for a small business, the image projected by the entrepreneur is a risk for the business.  Unlike a big enterprise where bad players can be hidden by bureaucracy, gatekeepers or sales people, the small business owner is part and parcel of the image of the business as a whole.  This is a bonus for the congenial, likable entrepreneur.  What if he or she can be unlikable and disagreeable, or potentially even worse, mousy and invisible?

Obviously, one outcome is that the business fails.  Is there an outcome where the business can succeed in spite of the outward flaws of its creator or owner?

Like it or not, this is a job for a strong accountability partner.  The entrepreneur needs to be secure enough to ask someone to weigh in with constructive criticism of his or her "personal" marketing.  Only by recognizing problems can they be truly solved.  Perhaps the A.P. can also serve as a coach, helping boost positives and suppress negatives.

Solutions are many:  personal speech coaching classes, role playing with the accountability partner, designating a partner who can be the P.R. or sales person, and more.

It also helps to watch others and take notes.  Ask yourself how you react to different personalities and strive to adopt good habits shown by others.

Bottom Line: Don't let your own quirks and put-offs affect your business image.  Friends and allies can help to boost your strengths and positives.  Don't hesitate to ask for impressions and constructive advice---they want you to succeed!

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