Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stories Go With Everything!

I enjoy watching some of the "food entertainment" shows and am increasingly fascinated with how bacon can be used to supplement or enhance any dish or meal.  At a networking group meeting today, while I enjoyed some bacon, the thought occurred to me that there is a bacon, of sorts, for marketing.  That would be stories.  

Human beings are drawn to stories and use them to amplify or illustrate ideas.  The earliest stories we know helped our ancestors understand weather, astronomical events and physical phenomena.  Stories can improve any message from sermons to political ads to pitches for products and services.  We connect with stories in an intuitive way.

Small businesses can greatly enhance their own marketing presentations with the use of stories.  For example, how a customer was helped with your product or service, or how you developed the inspiration for your business, or how you feel when you help customers.

Bottom Line: How can you tell stories that will touch or inspire customers, and to connect them with you?  Are you missing the chance to enhance your messages with "bacon"?

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