Thursday, October 27, 2016

Humor Can Make a Commercial Presentation Sizzle

As a multi-year member of various professional and business networking groups it has been my privilege and entertainment to study the craft of the personal presentation.  I have seen hundreds of "commercials" that span the spectrum from ultra-professional to bumbling.

In choosing a style, the business owner/ presenter should bear some things in mind.  One is that there are usually a lot of commercials to hear and in time many of them blur together in the mind of the listener.  Two is that it's hard to hide lack of confidence.  Three is that there are usually competitors in the room.  And four is that the typical listener is easily distracted and sometimes isn't even interested in other presentations.

Getting past these considerations means one thing only:  Standing Out.  A presentation that is memorable in some way is more likely to put the speaker ahead of competitors and foremost in listeners' minds.

I've noticed that humor is a common technique in the more successful presentations.  That brings a certain vividness that is easy to remember.  And humor doesn't need to displace indications of competence or expertise.  Think about the strong broadcast commercials that engage funny moments, or a little self-deprecation, or silly characters and yet answer questions about consumer needs and wants and how the advertiser can help.

Bottom Line:  Do you present?  review your own "commercials" and how they can be boosted and achieve added memorability through the use of good humor.  Watch others and take notes, and then step forward for success!

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