Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bad Image; Bad Mojo

I recently had the need to do some business with a well known chain specializing in certain higher priced goods.  That business consisted of redeeming a service we paid for (one of those "X for life" deals).   The story is almost hilarious except that in three contacts this business cost themselves my business.  They created a horrible image.

First contact was with a sales associate who, learning my intent, rolled her eyes and affected an "I couldn't care less" attitude in filling my order.  Yeah, I redeemed your service.  Even if no more money crossed the counter you still need to act like I am a meaningful customer!

Second contact was with a sales associate who forcefully and belligerently argued for all kinds of reasons why she couldn't honor my contract but eventually did because I didn't give up.  And even then made sure I had to come back---four days later.

Final contact was a pickup.  It took four employees to find my order in a single product filing cabinet (three small drawers.)  And yes, it looked as incompetent as described.

And after that last episode, a hapless employee asked if I might like to stay longer to see more of the current merchandise.  Uh huh.  Not any more!

Bottom Line: Be sure to treat customers well at every transaction,  honor your agreements with promptness and appreciation, and focus on creating the comforting image of a business that knows what it is doing.  Little things may mean the difference in generating bigger future sales or losing a customer for good.

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