Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Web Sites Can Hinder You

I'm sure all of you have had dealings with ornery or unhelpful web sites.  It is a truism that a bad web site can be quite costly with respect to lost business.

In fact, I just shut one off after a protracted fight.  I am interested in having a service performed, but the web site is resolutely disinterested in giving me the tiniest shred of pricing information.  I am forced to build the desired product with the online tool and only when done will I be informed what the bottom line will be.  That is unacceptable.

Another web site I looked at had a cascade of page choices, all poorly labelled and none particularly useful.  It was as if each page was labelled "The Information You Want is on the NEXT Page" (which would then bear the same label.)  Ridiculous.

And let's not even discuss failure to provide contact information without a hunt!

These web site failures are, unfortunately, working for your competitors.  Whatever other marketing you may do can be utterly undone by a web site.  A web site provides clues on the way you do business and how you can (or can't) solve a potential customer's problems.

Bottom Line:  Don't let a badly designed web site hurt you!  Have your site reviewed by a friend or ally and if necessary engage a professional designer who does good work.

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