Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Titling Yourself

In my metro area there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are published or who are working on a book, and I expect this is true of many similar markets.  It's a fantastic idea for those who aren't daunted by the time and cost commitment to making a book a reality.

A book can significantly add to credibility, establishing the author as an expert in their field.  A book can be used as a pot sweetener when holding or participating in a business event, and a book can even in the right circumstances generate some additional revenue.

But a book requires thought.  A prospective author should ask some hard questions.

Is writing and publishing a more productive activity than an alternative?  That work and expense may substantially detract from critical business activity.  There may be cases when a book may not be more than a vanity item for the author.

Can the author demonstrate either some new perspective or ideas?  "Yet-another-book-on-the-same-subject" is a reality.  I've seen too many interchangeable titles here and always crave something original.  Again, there is the vanity risk of having one's name on a cover of a relatively empty book.

Is the author prepared to work with professional editors?  Some books I've seen are simply terrible because the author declined to involve someone whose skills can boost a book's success.  It is an additional cost but could save the day.

Bottom Line:  Titling yourself can be a huge boost to your venture, or it can be an embarrassment.  Do think about taking the plunge but ask those hard questions before committing.  You may be the rock star of your market!

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