Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Concerning Car Magnets and Wraps

Over the years I have seen "mobile advertising" come and go. I am seeing an increasing number of car ads and wraps, most often in the form of magnetic-backed panels.  Are these worth the money?

Yes, but in very limited cases.  Let's consider: the time when the ad most gets seen is when the viewer is driving their own vehicle.  There may be an initial "how interesting!" but it's lost by the time said viewer is able to record or recall the information.  Unless that viewer sees your vehicle regularly we don't get much traction on the TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) needed.  Same holds for car parks.  It might work, but by that point the ad is usually screened by parallel vehicles.

Certain occupations, seen in the right context, may help.  Seeing a crafts ad on a vehicle parked at a nearby home may catch a homeowners' eye and add credibility (i.e. the neighbor approved the service provider). Or, a service provider vehicle ad may be just outside the physical location and provide a bit more signage.

Probably the best argument for mobile advertising is that it bolsters the small business owner's self-image.  She or he is proud of their work and wants that extra public identification.  So, sure, it's like a logo cap or a branded whoosiwatsit.  It may be marginally helpful as a marketing tool but it is better at making your day happier---and probably more productive.  It's just not a significant tool in building market share for most businesses.

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