Friday, January 2, 2015

Direct Mail is Coming Back

Is direct mail dead as a marketing tool?  We like to think that direct mail was consigned to the rubbish heap in the Tsunami of "junk mail", but as many major marketers shifted attention to email, social media and other techniques, there's less mail to compete with.  It is possible to grab attention with old-fashioned methods.

Statistics I've seen suggest that direct mail is most noticed by the youngest consumers and that most people prefer mail to other advertising techniques.  And calculations show impressive return on investment for this media these days.  We can't not afford to consider direct mail as part of our mix.  But in so doing, keep your mind on some important details.

* Personalization is critical.  Find ways to personalize where possible.  Perhaps use handwritten notes to your very best customers.  Jot a quick note on each letter.  And send only certain people specific appeals customized to their needs.

* Use direct mail sparingly.  Direct mail is great for newsletters and for special promotions.  You just don't want to mail heavily and regularly if you want your material noticed.

* Brand the envelopes!  Use your logo and color if possible.  Even a specially produced return address label can make a big difference.

Think about a direct mail application this year.  Are you planning to roll out a new product or service?  Can you use mail to thank your best customers?  How about a newsletter that gives customers some value added?  Direct mail can be your new best friend!

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