Friday, January 9, 2015

QR Codes Make Sense

As a collector of business cards, flyers and the like, I am struck by the infrequency of little things that can improve the connection between a business and consumer.  Take the QR code, for example.  Too many small businesses don't use them, and yet with so many consumers out there who view the world through a mobile device, the opportunity may be lost to make a connection.  Let's face it, no one types in web addresses unless they're especially motivated.  And even fewer will search for what they remember of a web address or business name.  While statistics are divided on whether consumers are more or less moved to make a purchase after scanning a QR code, the long and short of it is that they don't cost very much to use and a doorway is closed if the code isn't there.  Consider adding a QR to an ad, or a business card, or brochure, or whatever you use.  The results could surprise you.

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