Thursday, January 15, 2015

Leverage the Power of Video

One of the side benefits of the Internet is providing new avenues of expression previously impossible for the small business owner.  Surely the biggest of these is reach: potential customers can learn about your business anywhere in the world at virtually no cost to you.  And riding on that reach is the ability to put your own face and voice on your work.  I refer, of course, to video.  More and more business owners are using video to boost their message, and they're wise to do so.

A video can be attached to a web site, social media page, or email that can talk to a product, service, location, or idea.  Consider the possibilities!  Some of my network contacts use video to show off their facilities, demonstrate their own skills and personalities, and to show off products.  It is so easy these days to record a video with inexpensive equipment and upload it to Youtube.  Want a more polished look?  I know, and I am sure you also can find outstanding videographers who can create video work that rivals the high end advertisements of the big guys.

No one can make the case for your products and services better than you.  With the power of video on the Internet, you can make that case literally 24/7 anywhere in the world.  Share your passion!

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