Monday, February 9, 2015

Small Events as a Marketing Device

In this metro area it is not hard to find events (seminars, workshops, talks) providing solutions to various business or personal challenges by entrepreneurs.  It's a fair bit more common a practice among professional speakers, but it's hardly their game alone.  This is a fantastic idea for small business owners, especially in the service sector.

One reason I like this approach is that prospective customers can try out the presenter on a low- or no-cost basis.  It's a no-brainer!  Spend a little money to better observe a presenter's knowledge, experience, and ideas.  It's also a good marketing device because the promotion itself, as well as leads generated by attendees, get the presenter's identity and message out to a wider public.  These events are easily located at co-working centers, libraries, chambers of commerce, and other places.

Not crazy about doing one yourself?  Consider teaming up with other business owners in allied professions to expand the topic range, or even friendly competitors eager to grow business in certain specialties.

Events are fun, relaxed ways to introduce yourself to new parts of the market.

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