Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Ads: A Teachable Moment

Let's overlook the cute puppies, the goofy situations, heartwarming horses, and all that comes with Super Bowl advertising.   Let's also forget that these are television ads.  The "Super Ad Show" every year presents us with perhaps the most distorted advertising scheme imaginable.  And it is one we can learn from.

The advertising on Super Bowl Sunday is arguably created for one purpose, and that is one-ups-manship.  These advertisers, usually, are well known.  They are spending ridiculous rates for the sheer hope of being most talked about.  Lost in the shuffle are product or service value and even brand reinforcement.  And then there are the few advertisers who throw 90% percent of their ad budget at this one event in one dramatic splash.  Both of these strategies are crazy!

We should be advertising, when we do, to give our products and services time in front of the consumer, and explaining how those products and services improve the consumers' life.  And we should do so in deliberate exposures so that we bolster our brand equity.  When we use advertising to attempt to outdo the next person, we have lost our way.

Watching these Super ads can be fun, or unsettling as the case may be.  But these are strategies that are actually quite frivolous and may work against the advertiser.

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