Friday, February 13, 2015

Social Media: Meetups

The Internet has made possible so many new ways to do just about everything in life, and I am constantly amazed by innovations that improve life.  And business.  One of these innovations, I am convinced, is Meetup.  This social media tool, launched in 2002, is steadily gaining acceptance in the marketplace and boasts over 125,000 meetup groups in nearly 200 countries.  In my networking circles Meetup is regularly used for all kinds of purposes.

Is it a true marketing tool? Absolutely.  A small business owner can create a meetup group as a passive tool: perhaps a workshop or information session on a topic or purpose closely aligned to the business.  It is important to keep the hard sell to a minimum.  The meetup group can attract potential customers, demonstrate the business owner's expertise, and build a network.  Sales come from that.  Furthermore, by participating in other meetup groups, a business owner can gain visibility and interest as well.

Like all tools, Meetup can be abused.  But appropriate and thoughtful use can be a huge boon.

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