Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The E-mail Conundrum

It is a widely known fact of marketing that in study after study consumers tell us that they most prefer to be contacted by email, in contrast to mailers, phone calls, texts, or other channels.  Which would be wonderful for us in marketing because this channel is so inexpensive!  Except that consumers also complain loudly that they receive too many emails.  And we know what that means: many emails are deleted, filtered into folders-that-are-ignored, or simply ignored.

What do we make of this conundrum?  and how can we respond?

I believe we can use email to advantage.  When we are told there is too much email, we know that no one means certain kinds of emails---do you complain about too many messages from friends and family?  coupon codes from your favorite vendors?  Of course not!.

Our marketing messages by way of email need to be crafted carefully so that they become impactful and welcomed.  Here are some guidelines that may help convert "spam" into "bacon":

1. Keep it simple.  Be parsimonious with text and graphics.  Get to the point quickly and try to keep your appeal to a few sentences.  This email should be quickly digested.  If you have more to day, invite people to click links to your website and/or blog instead of reprinting the whole thing.

2. Watch the frequency.  I think the worst thing we can do is send a cascade of emails every week.  I receive some that sent multiple emails each day.  Good grief!  I would recommend visiting your customer once a week at most and at a predictable time.

3. Stick to benefits for the customer.  Concentrate on a special deal of the week, or a particularly valuable announcement.  Or point to the newest issue of your newsletter.

4. And most of all, select an irresistible subject line.  Entice the reader to click the email and discover the goodies.  Is there a big sale?  something free?  Something they need to know now that will change their day?  Use a complete sentence with a verb.

You can cut through the clutter and make your email message welcomed.  I can help!

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