Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Tale of Two Tubes

Yesterday I was privileged to participate in a panel evaluating marketing proposals at a local community college.  One of the students presented a proposal that, in part, utilized video to promote her nonprofit.  To my surprise, she suggested a six month television campaign to deliver her video.

Television is a tricky medium.  It has great strengths and greater weaknesses, especially for advertisers who are not, say, "loaded".  A modest number of spots can cost thousands of dollars, spots that are easily ignored, missed, or forgotten.  And with the proliferation of networks individual television channels are ever diluting the viewing audience.   It's a game that can only be played by an advertiser who is prepared to run a lengthy campaign to build up top of mind awareness.  

In contrast, a video can be delivered to Youtube very cheaply and distributed via social media.  A catchy campaign can attract attention and be shared by many people who care about the message.  For a nonprofit, and a small one at that, this is a vastly superior choice as a channel.

This is not (necessarily) a knock against television.  It is a suggestion that when employing video the business owner should look hard at their return and target audience.  For most of us, the "tube" that's traditional may not help us and at a steep cost at that.

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