Friday, April 10, 2015

Taking Out an Ad

I came across an advertising offer this week in which the food-oriented business solicited inexpensive ads (<$50) on a run of take-out menus.  The proprietor is a good guy and the offer is legitimate, but it did raise some questions.  Is this a good channel for promotion?

There's only one real challenge with advertising of this type.  And that is return on investment.  My first question would be target market.  Are the menus reaching the right people for your business?  In my case, it is not probable.  As a B2B consultant a take-out menu would only weakly reach my target.  And that's a concern because this run of menus ends up pricing one impression at 3 cents.  Compare that with big media print and you actually have a similar KPI (cost per thousand).

There may be vendors for whom this makes some sense.  It all comes down to understanding who sees the menus.  A closely correlated food venture might fit nicely.

Otherwise, for this and similar formats (playbills, school annuals, placemats) the expense may be more charity or collegial support than actual advertising.  And doing so may be just fine and a feel-good gesture.

As with all advertising and promotion, sort on the basis of adherence to your marketing/business plan.

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