Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Advice to a Flyer Poster

Dear Person who posted a flyer on my mailbox yesterday,
I do appreciate your driving by and alerting me to your business.  And I am all for people who are starting or growing their own business.  That said, I feel badly for your business if the flyer is representative of your advertising work.
You are in a vastly competitive business.  Trust me, I get flyers advertising the same services every few days at this time of year.  If you are going to get my attention I will need more than your phone number and business name.  I would like to know why your business is better for me, why you can do a better job than the alternative, or what makes you different or interesting.  Do you have a web site or a social media page? Perhaps you can show yourself off on Youtube?  All of these are inexpensive ways to stand out.
You did not look professional.  The flyer was clearly cut from a larger sheet, but you made a crooked cut on mine.  I get the impression that you cut corners.
Can you demonstrate your successes?  Give me some metrics, such as "I currently serve x households in your city".
Lastly, let's talk about your services.  You did list services you do, but you listed every conceivable service someone like you could do, in theory.  I don't believe you're outstanding in all of them.  Tell me in what you specialize.  And for heaven's sake, please don't put phrases like "Serving all of your x needs" in quotes.  Trust me, putting anything that is not a citation in quotes looks like you're kidding. Speak the claim and make quote marks with your fingers.  You'll see what I mean.
Sadly, I am unlikely to inquire further.  I needed some first impression must-dos which were not present in this flyer.  But do make some changes.  Your next effort, before a new prospect, will likely get much better results.
Best regards
David the homeowner with the mailbox.

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