Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To web or not to web, that is the question

I had a conversation yesterday with a digital publisher and along the way we debated the merits of having a web site versus doing a social media-only approach.  She was pretty much oriented to the philosophy that every business should have a web site.  I am open to alternate approaches with the caveat that those are specialized situations.

Most of us will want to consider having some web presence, I think.  Web sites establish a base line credibility, provide a chance to allow free perusal of text, image and video content, reinforce the brand, provide contact information, and much more.  I don't think it necessary to have a huge web site or one that uses the most advanced razzle dazzle or professional construction.  Some regular updating is essential to suggest that one's business has a pulse and to keep content fresh.  And, the site should be of the best work one can afford.

Are there exceptions that could run off social media alone?  I think it is possible.  I'd suggest that can be done only by businesses that have a great deal of personal referral, or which thrive on frequent contact where a live stream contributes to making a connection, such as a coffee shop, a restaurant, or pub.  But even there, why not set up a web page and add to visibility?  Let's face it, the web is today's yellow page directory, today's mall and today's community guidebook.  There's more cost to not participating.

Bottom line.  You can make a go of avoiding a web page.  But it's not an ideal option.

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